I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!

I used to be a big fan, of the Republican party. Back when Regan and the Bush’s were presidents. It has to get back to its roots, as the party of Lincoln – NOT the party of Trump.

I was a former software engineer and consultant, at big companies like Motorola, Discover Card, United Airlines, Allstate, etc. Given the diversity of state computer systems, along with their checks and balances…I can’t see how massive voter fraud can take place and not be discovered.

And as a math major and former Motorola, statistic black belt I can’t see how the legal “experts’, can see any voter irregularities, from statistical data. And we have gone through the US court systems, the Justice Department, the FBI, etc. – without finding anything major.

Because of all the election rhetoric, we now have Georgia take 2 Democratic senate seats. At least, that’s the projected consensus. And yesterday’s takeover of the capitol building (January 6, 2021) was covered around the world. I even saw it on the UK BBC and Germany’s DW. This is inexcusable. Enough is enough

.And we are at war globally, with Crazy Corona. Who’s a clever, dangerous, and crafty opponent. We need a coordinated vaccine rollout plan, at the federal level. And to get aid to those suffering. I sometimes feel like this guy:

And there is a famous scene in Heat. Where Al Pacino vs Robert Deniro, eat at a restaurant. And I think one asks how he would pull the crime off. So I would do the same. And ask Donald Trump (or his most devoted followers), how they would pull off massive voter fraud.

Afterward: In the article: Trump’s New Criminal Problem http://ow.ly/Pkmk50D52sD, Trump said this: “In mid-December, Trump tweeted, “Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election. Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!” At the Save America rally, Trump exhorted his supporters to “stop the steal,” shortly before they launched their attack.”

Well, what statistical expects can he quote – that would agree with him? Give me a couple of folks, with traditional PhD degrees in statistics. Having said this, we shouldn’t do the Democratic impeachment stuff. It’s a waste of time. They need to get enough Senate Republicans on board. And Trump’s lawyers will argue free speech stuff, constitutionality, etc. A better approach is just to let any state investigations play out. Which they are doing, in New York and elsewhere.


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