Is this scene from Network a “conspiracy theory”?

Well, I belong to a popular Facebook group on Covid-19., Recently, someone posted about anger coming up long term. I posted this video, suggesting a good psychosocial technique – to deal with it.

Well, some “perceptive” moderator or admin, removed the comment. And it was classified on Facebook, as a “conspiracy theory”. Let me share from my messages, to a couple of group admins.

“I wish to complain that a comment was deleted. The person posted a problem with anger. I posted a video about an angry speech that was from the movie Network, done in the seventies. It was labeled as a “conspiracy theory” and removed. I have also posted articles on Covid-19 long haulers from the BBC and they were never shared. And I have directed folks to internationally recognized homeopathy pharmacies and organizations, that might help. And they were deleted in the past. I will follow what folks are saying. But refrain from any info, that can help folks with Covid-19.”

“Also, please enlighten me what a fictional speech from the movie network…where the announcer is telling people to yell out the window, they are mad as hell…regarding real-world problems, like the economy, crime, etc., can even remotely be viewed as a “conspiracy theory”. It’s more likely a good psychosocial technique, for folks to follow.”

“And can any admin show me an online newspaper or magazine movie reviewer (or Wiki for that matter), that classifies any scene for the movie – as a “conspiracy theory”?” Let me help them out with Wiki: Network (1976 film) – Wikipedia

Well, perhaps the admins and moderators, have no clue what old movies are about. I don’t know. Perhaps they never heard of the BBC. Here’s the Wiki article for them: BBC – Wikipedia. Or they never heard of homeopathic research. I can help them out here: Most Comprehensive List of Homeopathic Research ( And they can find out more about Covid-19 and homeopathy at American Institute of Homeopathy – American Institute of Homeopathy ( One can explore the practical applications of homeopathy at Homeopathy Plus |. None of this invalidates what modern medicine or the world’s herbal traditions, have to offer.

As far as “conspiracy theory” education goes. Perhaps this might “enlighten”, these admins and moderators. But first, a Wiki article for them: Conspiracy theory – Wikipedia

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