How To Build Trust With Your Customers

For a business to be successful, it helps to build a reputation of trustworthiness. Trust is a scarce resource as companies often engage in cutting corners and offering misleading advertising to the point that customers don’t know who to trust.  That’s why, when a company proves itself to be trustworthy, their customers keep coming back for more. This requires time and effort, but it’s well worth the result: a loyal customer base.

Keep reading to learn definitive ways to gain and retain customer trust with these simple steps.

1. Focus on Providing Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is crucial for building customer loyalty. Essentially, customer service encompasses all of your interactions with the consumer. In these interactions, you need to give the proper support to clients when they have an issue. When you’re understanding and helpful with your responses, customers are going to appreciate it. 

2. Be Consistent With All Interactions With Customers

For a business to build trust, consistency is key. If your customers are only having positive interactions with your company half of the time, that isn’t good enough. You want each of your employees to embody the values of your company. To achieve this, it helps to create and publish clear policies and company values.

Building a foundation of trust with your customers doesn’t come without effort. Loyal customers are earned through consistency, transparent communication, and excellent customer service. 

3. Communicate With Full Transparency

When your company is dishonest about its capabilities, it can only lead to disappointment and distrust from customers. In contrast, when your business communicates honestly and regularly with its customers, it sets itself apart from the competition.

4. Ask For Feedback

It can be a big mistake to close your business off to feedback. When you don’t listen to what your customers have to say, you stagnate as a company. When you encourage feedback and incorporate necessary change to go with it, your company distinguishes itself as caring and dependable. A few great ways to strategically request feedback include:

CES Survey: Send shortly after a client communicates with a customer service representative.

CSAT Survey: Send 5-10 business days after a customer begins to use a new product or service.

NPS Survey: Send a month after a recently acquired customer has used a product or service.

For more definitive ways to gain and retain customer trust, take a look at Chattermill’s infographic below. 

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