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Currently, I’m semi-retired, but I do take on interesting clients – that come my way. I’m committed to providing persuasion artistry for B2B software and IT marketing communications. When I’m not taking on clients, I bring the following to the table:

  1.  Solid direct response / B2B copywriting skills (AWAI trained), a Hubspot certified inbound marketer and a Motorola six-sigma black belt.
  2. Solid IT and software engineering professional, experienced in software engineering, project management, technical writing, and business analysis.
  3. Working knowledge of Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin and creative writing.  With a tidbit of Japanese thrown in – for good measure.

Everything you need to know is on these links:

A short video resume

Here’s a short video resume about me

Interview on the Line program

I’m interviewed here by the Line

Web Talk Radio Show for B2C Direct Response Client

Prior to my B2B technology marketing career, I’ve spent 5 years in B2C direct response copywriting.  Here’s a pilot Internet radio show I’ve launched for a client. You can listen to me as host on Teeing It Up

Here’s a sample segment entitled Teeing It Up – Old Time Radio meets golf

Interview for a writers group

Here’s an interview I did for a writers group on Viral and Internet marketing for writers

Sample White Paper

Here’s a sample white paper I wrote, to help promote a former patent holder and Motorola colleague’s software testing approach at Simplify Mobile Phone Testing White paper



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  2. Roger Richardson June 23, 2009 — 2:18 pm

    Hey man long time no see. Looks like you found youself a nice nitche.
    Like you I got dropped from Mot.
    Changes in the wind!

  3. Hey, Found your blog on Google, glad I did, great site!! Keep it up! =)

  4. Hi all great information here and good thread. May I ask how did you think of these ideas ?

  5. Sure! Please do!

  6. I have been hearing alot about softwre that [converts|changes] articles into videos and wonder if the software works and also if you get as [many backlinks|much traffic] as article marketing does.

    1. Carroll:

      Every software that’s worth it’s weight in gold offers a trial period (i.e. 30 days). I would test it out and see.

      Does running a blog bring in as much traffic as article marketing? That’s a very “general question” and hard to quantify. There are so many variables.

      For example:

      1. How many articles are written and what repositories are they sent to?
      2. What social media or blog directories (i.e. Technorati). is the blog promoted in?
      3. Etc.

      It’s like comparing apples to oranges – that is, unless you quantify the variables.


  7. Hi friends,
    Thank you for sharing this great information. Now you have set the platform where we can share our knowledge.So friends do keep us update.

  8. My experience: I raised the kundalini (a Yoga meditation technique) 12 years back. After that, i experienced a burning desire to repent of my sins and commit to Christ as my saviour, and found that many Christians entered into my existence, sent presumably by God. If you believe Yoga and meditation to be from the Devil or anti-Christian, how would you explain this?

    1. I stay away from 2 items if possible – religion and politics. But let me say this. Christian theologians have investigated other faiths and mystical traditions, and have different opinions on it. Probably the most in-depth research comes from the Roman Catholic Church, but you will find noted Protestant theologians writing about it. Rather then give you an opinion, I would stir you towards priests, ministers and theologians, and have you dialogue with them, regarding this topic. But let me pose a question. If someone experiences symptoms of kundalini awakening – yet doesn’t practice meditation, yoga, etc. – how would you explain this? Kundalini, psychosis, demonic influence, etc.?

      1. Theology is the way man views God’s attempt to communicate with us. This gets a different spin, depending on the Protestant denominational filter you see through. In a more global perspective, the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Churches, and Protestant denominations have different “ways of seeing’.

        In the garden of Eden story, man was created in the image and likeness of God. The Eastern Orthodox take that statement “very seriously” and gave it a perspective – Theosis – which is the way mankind strives for Union with God.

        There’s a classic book entitled: Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind by Richard Maurice Bucke. It’s available at http://www.amazon.com. In it, he describes various figures in history having spiritual awakening experiences.

        Another way to look at it is this. We were initially created in God’s image and likeness – this perspective never completely disappeared. Being human, we fall short – which is why Christ came. Yet what Christ has done for mankind is different in Eastern Orthodox theology than in the western theological worlds of Roman Catholic and Protestant theology.

        Perhaps things like awakening experiences (i.e. Zen Satori or Eastern Kundalini), metaphysical healing (i.e. Christian Science, Unity, Infinite Way, etc.), are just mankind getting back to what was available in the garden of Eden. Now movements like Zen and Christian Science have their own perspectives on these topics. And these experiences can be beneficial – as author Maurice Bucke points out. But they fall short of the original perfection – which gets back to the mission and purpose of Christ.


  9. Wicked! Just got a new BB Pearl and I can read your blog on my phone’s browser, it didn’t work on my old one.

  10. Well, let’s look at some comparisons, since you brought up the subject.;

    1. Consumer Reports first impressions – http://is.gd/eUZzF
    2. Cnet Reviews – http://is.gd/eUZG9
    3. Yahoo answers – http://is.gd/eUZLb
    4. Tecnipages – http://is.gd/eUZPm

    I have used the http://is.gd URL shortening services. If someone wishes to give me one of each, I’ll be happy to compare them.


    1. I’ve also found this side by side comparison at http://is.gd/eV0na.

  11. I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of info that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this beneficial content.

  12. Maintain up the great work mate. This weblog publish shows how well you realize and know this subject.

  13. I assume you mean the articles in general, and NOT my background article.

  14. “There is clearly a lot to understand about this. I think you built some excellent factors in Features also.Retain operating ,fantastic job!”

  15. I’m using Digg 3 Column by Small Potato. I like it, since I can use a customizable header. I also embed photos from http://www.flickr.com into some widgets.

  16. I have been searching via the internet looking for some ideas on the way to get my website coded, your current design and design are wonderful. Did you code it yourself or did you employ a programmer to do it for you personally?

    1. It’s actually done through “smoke and mirrors”. In technical geek talk, it’s templates and themes – no programming involved.

  17. I’m very familiar with Krishnamurti and I’ve read a bit of his work. You see, I live very close to the national headquarters of the Theosophical Society in America. Theosophists can be a “bit strange” at times. However, I can visit their library, and he is one of their historical stars.

    Yet I do have criticisms of Krishnamurti, just as I have of other writers – like Eckhart Tolle. Krishnamurti is just rehashing stuff you find in Gautama Buddha, just as Tolle rehashes stuff you find in Ramana Maharshi. Tolle has one redeeming quality. He has the same name as Eckhart von Hochheim, better known the as Meister Eckhart.


  18. You are a good candidate for “direct response” approaches. Anyone who wants to hire me just needs to check the “Contact” tab info. If you are serious – not just a tire kicker – we can talk!

  19. Simply needed to say I genuinely admire your work on this blogging site and the high-quality blogposts you make. These type of blog post tend to be precisely what keeps me personally going through the day. I uncovered this post after a excellent close friend of my very own advised it to me. I perform a little blogging and site-building myself and I am always thankful to check out others contributing high quality information towards the community. I will definitely be following and now have book marked your blog to my myspace account for others to visit.

  20. Gary:
    If you hit the subscribe button on the left hand side, it takes you to a few select options. The “add to Google” option adds it to the Google reader.

  21. There are share/save links, at the end of each page/article (i.e AddToAny).

    There’s a share blog widget link, on the left hand side of the site.

    I have social media follow links, via Social Follow and Google Profile, on the right hand side.

    What else should I do?


  22. Rosalee:
    Contact me offline and I’ll look at what you are using (i.e. browser, operating system, etc.). Use the contact info in this website.

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