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Currently I have Ooma for a home phone service. They have great reviews and overall ratings on Amazon. I also have had great service with them. As a premier, they have an Android app with unlimited minutes (i.e. a cap does exist somewhere, just like with Magic Jack). But I noticed that Magic Jack has great reviews on Google Play. It’s time to give that a try off of Amazon.

The first thing is to figure out how to activate it. Unlike Ooma or Obihai devices that are detected off the router, Magic Jack doesn’t work like that. I’ve tried it and it didn’t work. But this YouTube video is very good and I followed the steps.

But there are two problems I ran into. I like to emphasize that you should first research the problems on Google or Bing. Enter the right keywords or phase. Don’t chat with the Magic Jack chat, as you might find the answer yourself much easier. Let’s look at my two problems.

  • After I went through the PC activation process, I plugged the Magic Jack into my router. But I was getting a number 1 – no Internet connection message – via the phone. Now it was time to try an experiment. The Ethernet cable that came with Magic Jack is flat. My Ooma device is also connected to my router – no problem. What is the problem?  It was time to substitute a standard cable I had lying around. It was round in diameter – not flat like the Magic Jack cable. Now I had Internet connection. My advice? Use another standard cable to substitute for the Magic Jack provided one. If you don’t have one, go to Walmart, Target, Myers, Sam’s Club or Costco and buy one.
  • The second problem was aloud humming noise that occurred – after a few hours. But a Google search came up with articles at Magic Jack humming noise 1 and Magic Jack humming noise 2. The answers they suggested centered around grounding. Time for an experiment. First I tried plugging the Magic Jack into different outlets – no change. Then I swapped the cordless phone from Ooma for my Magic Jack. Then I hooked up the corded phone into Ooma. Ooma now had the humming noise and Magic Jack was fine. The answer was to go to Walmart and purchase a Vtech cordless phone for the Magic Jack. Problem solved.

I’ve made some communication tests with the Ooma, Magic Jack and Google Hangouts dialer app. The quality is quite good, but I also run the VOIP phones off a hi-speed cable setup. Ooma premier has many more bells and whistles then Magic Jack. But Magic Jack is not bad, if you follow the steps I recommend. The only issue with the Ooma app was there was no end call button.  Support had me uninstall and install it.  I think they should have it available as an update – like other apps.

Anyway, here is a tip. When you access Facebook, web, etc. at home, you are going off the mobile network and chewing away at data caps. When they are reached, the data is then throttled (i.e. slowed down). If you have a router and set up a home network, the cell phone can connect to it at home. So if you connect to your home WiFi (or public WiFi with a VPN app), it uses that to connect to Internet, etc.


Ready, Set, Go On “iPhone Apps” Vacation

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With iPhone and other smart phone technology, the world has seen a new revolution in communications. Millions of iPhone apps are downloaded, used, traded or played for the first time every day. Most application interactions are entertainment related. There are several iPhone apps that can do tasks automatically for you in your daily routine. Use these first and play your games more than ever.

5 iPhone Apps That Will Change Your Life

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After you merge these iPhone apps with your iPhone or other smart phone, it will surely show that country boy how us city boys rolls.

Reeder iPhone apptakes some basic information about the type of online news and media you are interested in and puts the best matched headlines with links right on the smartphone. No more searching online for interesting things to do and no more pop ups. This iPhone apps does exactly what you want to do so when you are ready to catch up with the world all the searching is done and you never have to leave your smartphone.

Never leaving the iPhone apps may be the only problem with this best list.

Google Calendar come with an app for the iPhone and other smartphones as well. If you already use Google Calendar then having on your phone will cut any time spent at the computer organizing your schedule. Instead the checkout line can become your new place to organize your life.

Drop Box app allows the convenient storage of all of your data files in a cloud version. A free account comes with 5 GB and you can ever share folders with friends and clients to remove the hassle of sending files via email or flash drive. This app makes it possible, with the combination of a word processing app, to make your office your iPhone or other smart phone device. Just imagine typing your report and sending to your client effortlessly and free from your iPhone.

Pay Pal app for iPhone takes care of all your financial needs right on your smart phone. Take a picture of your check to deposit and with this iPhone app it automatically goes into your Pay Pal account. Another amazing feature is the iPhone bump which allows two iPhones to exchange currency by first bumping them together and following a few instructions. Send money to mom by bumping your iPhones and say goodbye to the bank for good. app is the last but most important iPhone app in this lifestyle of the iPhone city boy. Take all the other apps and think, “what else is there,” and soon shopping come to mind. Well forget the checkout line and go poolside while you shop the biggest and best online store with your iPhone app.

All of these apps made Times magazines best iPhone apps of 2011 list.

Now combine them and find your favorite thing to do while you automate your life. Eliminate wasted miles travelling, shop on the go, work on the go, get paid on the go and get organized as well so that when you say on the go, its means on permanent “iPhone apps” vacation.

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