A Frank Discussion on The US Healthcare Plan

The problem comes in, that we are conditioned to seeing only one answer. And that’s what the insurance companies, medical doctors, pharmaceutical companies and government representatives (i.e. both Republican and Democrat)…want us to buy into. That:

Modern medicine is the ONLY way.

Well, it is in:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Terminal illnesses (in conjunction with prayer and spiritual healing)
  • Surgical intervention
  • Medical testing to find the pathology

And how did people get healed, before modern medicine came along? Well, they have 2 traditions…that are thousands of years old. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine. And they have another tradition called homeopathy.

And these traditions come with minimal sides effects. And don’t cost an arm and a leg, in terms of pharmaceutical drugs. And they don’t invent new ones – every year.

And there is something called spiritual healing. Which is well established and thousands of years old…in the Native American spiritual and medicine traditions. Or the Chinese equivalent of Qi Gong.

People go to these things – because they work. Or traditional medicine, has given up on them. Told them things, like they have a few months to live, etc. And the traditional doctors… will attribute any cure… to the placebo effect, statistical anomaly, etc.

Meanwhile, the Republicans will craft a bill And will try to tell us, it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And the World Health Organization, will probably continue to rate the US…in the mid-thirties – quality wise.

And I will probably spend the winters…in Central American or parts of Europe – like Spain. Since i know the popular European languages…and the languages of Latin America. And if I do need traditional medicine, I would get quality care…at a fraction of the drug and physician cost.

Or perhaps learn Japanese – alongside Mandarin. And teach English over in Japan. And get into their health system, for around $350 a year. Anyone with a long term visa – can do so.

Try an experiment. Go to the US government STEP program at STEP. Type in a country to visit, under the link country information – towards the bottom. Then after it comes up, click on the health tab. Let’s take Chile, for example. See what they have to say – in part:

Santiago has two main private hospitals that are accredited by The American Hospital Association and meet U.S. standards: Clinica Alemana and Clinica Las Condes. Both have international patient departments and experience with some international insurance companies.

It”s like modern marketing and advertising. They say these brand name vitamins, canned fruits, cereals, etc. – are the best. Even though it is a fact, they often come off – the same assemble line…as the store brands or generics.

Or folks try to tell you, that OEM (i.e. original equipment manufactures), make the best vehicle parts. But after market parts, can be just as good – or better. And much cheaper.

Reminds me of attending the ELCA Lutheran church service this week – within walking distance. I noticed the Islamic center next store was packed. So I stopped a couple of black Muslims and inquired what was going on. They told me that Ramadan had ended and they were breaking the fast. Well, I realized something. These Muslims were from Africa. And I also met Muslims, from the Middle East. Those from the Middle East, I always experienced as rude to outsiders. And those from Africa, were warm and friendly to outsiders. Both under the same religious umbrella. But belonging to different cultures. The African Muslims shook my hand and thanked me for asking.

It’s kind of like my Christian faith. It comes with the base, of a liturgical tradition (i.e. Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran or Anglican). But I add to it Franciscan contemplation (i.e. Richard Rohr), via Buddhist meditation methods (i.e. mindfulness and Zen). A love of Native American, spiritual and healing traditions. And throw in some health and prosperity thinking – with Joel Osteen. And visiting saints from the East. Like I did with Amma, at here nearby Illinois center at Amma.

See, here’s what’s missing folks. Take the Center for Contemplation and Action with Richard Rohr. We emphasize the action part (i.e. Christian charity, good works, etc). But we are missing the contemplation part. The two go together.  And if we throw in TV evangelist Joel Osteen, we add the third leg. Which is to expect, good things from God.

Here is a recent Quora discussion:
How is the Republican health care plan in any way better than “Obamacare”?

Oh, yes. The Republican bill. I just got this email – from my AARP membership:

AARP opposes the proposed health care bill because it would mean higher costs and less care for older Americans. It would:

    Allow insurance companies to charge older Americans five times more for coverage than everyone else and reducing the tax credits that help them afford their coverage.
    Cut Medicaid for around 15 million people, stripping away coverage from millions of Americans and leaving millions of seniors at risk of not getting the care they need.
    Cut funding for Medicare, leaving the door open to benefit cuts and Medicare vouchers.
    Providing tens of billions in tax breaks for drug and insurance companies.

We need you to join us in sharing this information on social media and helping drive calls to the Senate. Now that everyone has seen the Senate Leadership’s secret bill it’s being criticized by the Senators they need to pass it. The Senate leadership is cutting backroom deals to try and win votes. We need your help making sure your Senator’s vote no!

Together we can hold them accountable for their votes. Use your influence on Twitter and Facebook to urge your friends and family to join us in taking action today!

Oh, yes. I do have a sizable following – on Twitter and Facebook. And I did post – the AARP propaganda.

And I continue with my Medicare advantage plan. And all is well and good for me.

And here is an interesting article, in my email today. From the Dark Web News:

Access to Calls, Texts, and Location Being Offered on the Dark Web

steve wrote:Also hundreds of essential oils have been used for thousands of years because they work!

Just a bit of footnotes – to Steve’s comment. The technical name is aromatherapy. There’s a description of it on Wiki at Wiki on aromatherapy.

Web MD also covers the topic at Web MD on aromatherapy..

One name for modern pharmaceuticals is allopathy. I remember when I was anemic. And I had blood tests, conducted by the primary care physician. The nurse called and said I needed a prescription for iron. I asked why I needed “a prescription”, when they sell Iron supplements – over the counter. Well, they really couldn’t answer it. Except I know the prescription would cost more. And the brand name, over the counter version – would cost more than the store brand. Which. at the Jewel Osco pharmacy is Signature Care.

And when my mom was in a comma…making her transition…Guess what? They prescribed morphine, as a pain reliever. Which is over 100 years old. What happened to all the “superior”, brand name and generic…modern day pain relievers?

Sometimes you can blend allopathy, with Ayurveda, TCM or homeopathy.

Here are 2 examples.

  • Colgate has a mouth wash called Crest Pro Health. But the Dollar General store brand, is called 2X/Day. And it costs much less. And Pepsodent still makes a US based toothpaste, at a fraction of the name brands. I get this at the Dollar tree. But I mix this toothpaste, with an Ayurveda one. Either a Patanjali or Auromere one. Which is available at either Amazon or local Indian grocery stores. The Ayurveda is good for the gums. Which helps prevent gum disease.
  • Or suppose I get a cut. I wash it, apply rubbing alcohol and bandage it. But after the cut has sealed, I apply a homeopathic solution of Calendula Homeopathic ointment, to speed up the healing. It’s available at most US, health food stores.

For modern medicine to come along and say everything before it was useless…is like the Protestant churches to say God revealed the truth, in the reformation. And the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, are part of the dark ages.
And I don’t often get on a soap box. But I did today. :!:

And I will end with some health related, article links – a friend sent to me. And a good YouTube video, telling the story of homeopathy.

Regardless of what the Republicans come up with.



Welcome to real healing magic of the Amega Wand

Now this device resembles a fancy gold pen and is supposed to contain secret crystals…it sells in a MLM marketing scheme for $300.  Let’s look at a YouTube video (original vs a competitive and much cheaper clone) at youtube.com/wat….

You see, I have this friend I’ll call Rugby. I won’t reveal his true name. Let’s just say he’s very familiar with what I call “real energy healing processes.” But when I visited him last week, he pulls out this fancy pen.

He then proceeds to ask what is wrong with everyone. Rugby talks of things like skeptics he worked on, talking about remarkable healing. He then works on everyone for a minute and asks for feedback.

Well, one minute is too soon to tell. When I asked to examine this remarkable healing device, I was told that it would contaminate the energy. It appears it only works for the purchaser.

Now I won’t put Rugby down. Maybe this is the greatest healing device since sliced bread. If so, why not open up the device to scientific study and gain more credibility?

Herbal Lore

Now keep in mind, I’m a big believer in alternative medicine and energy modalities, that have stood the test of time. You might find me experimenting with:

For the record, I wouldn’t utilize the herbal lore of western traditions, unless it’s from the ingenious population. But I would welcome contributions from Ayurveda, TCM, Tibetan and Unani (Islamic – see lifepositive.co…) traditions.

Time for a homeopathic hypothetical example

I might utilize the science of homeopathy. Suppose I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. There would be different approaches to treat this…therapy, hypnosis, traditional pharmaceuticals, etc.

If you are familiar with homeopathy, you might utilize Aconitum Napellus (i.e. Latin name) or rescue remedy. Suppose you had this ailment all your life, and Aconitum and rescue remedy only supplied temporary relief.

Then you might apply a very high potency of Aconitum. But from which pharmaceutical company, as homeopathic batches vary from company to company?

If I take the recommendation of my homeopath friend and professional consultant, I would utilize a 10 M batch from the Hahnemann labs at hahnemannlabs.com…. And any US professional homeopath who’s been around would agree – their lab is the best.

LM potency and magnetic manufacturing

Suppose we have something called intuitive intelligence, which I wrote about earlier. I might then feel I needed a higher potency. I might read an article on LM and CM potency at hanp.net/genera…

Perhaps I might want to experiment with an LM potency using another manufacturing process, which I would read about at nicko500.co.uk/…

Or I might think thought can influence making a remedy, like the article mentions at robertfield3.wo.. .

What to do?

How about experimenting with a 50 LM potency, made by a magnetic process (i.e – only use higher than 30 C), like the company Celletech embraces at celletech.com/…?

Then at the same time, apply a CM potency from the second best US pharmaceutical company – Standard homeopathic pharmacy at txoptions.com/sho….

Just to insure I take the LM potency correctly, I follow the advice at classicalhomeopat….

Any hypothetical example I might have come up with, for post traumatic stress disorder, might magically have disappeared – with a minimum of aggravations (i.e. bumps in the road).

But we are testing 2 theories here:

  • The Magnetic mechanical method Celletech utilizes to make the LM potency is valid and I should notice some effects, after taking the 50 LM dosage – following the 10 M from the Hahnemann labs
  • Since remedies on the C scale will aggravate towards the beginning….and LM towards the end…both together will result in minimum aggravations.

On to Hydrogen

So I’m back…chatting about my hypothetical experiment in homeopathy.  But this homeopath shows me some proving done with hydrogen.  I’m reading through the description …I notice one entry where… they talk about first entering the darkness…then entering into light.  Two things come to mind:

  • The theories of psychiatrist Carl Jung, regarding the shadow self.
  • The medieval Christian mystical literature….especially “The Dark Night of the Soul” by St. John of the Cross

Back to Rugby

Did you follow all this, folks? Well, traditional doctors might shake their heads. They would think both Rugby and I were crazy. They might say that the placebo effect is relevant in both examples. But my solution is cheaper than the $300 magic pen.

Is this magic pen better than…a Sufi healing talisman?…A Native American (i.e red road) healing ceremony?…an Eastern healing mantra?…prayers by a Christian Scientist?…A pentecostal healing service?…or the homeopathic process I just described?

Don’t get me wrong here, folks.  I’ll a full believer in prayer and spiritual healing – as long as it works in conjunction with conventional and alternative healing.  After all, didn’t Luke…who hung around Paul and the miracle working apostles…never ceased being a physician?

Now back to the magic pen!  Perhaps if I wait until a competitive pen comes out, I can get it on an infomercial for just $19.95. And they might throw in an attachable nail clippers, dog whistle and carrying case – for no extra charge.

Complimentary Medical Systems – April 27, 2008

Medical systems in other countries usually offer a choice of systems. Some of these systems are thousands of years old. Let me give a couple of examples:

  1. In India, once can choose between the systems of Allopathic medicine, Homeopathic medicine, Ayurveda, and Unani.
  2. In China, one can choose between Allopathic medicine and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

The problem is the limited research conducted upon non-Allopathic medical systems. Yet can Allopathic and other medical systems work together? Let’s take an example from history. There is a complicated oriental system called pulse diagnosis, where information can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulse_diagnosis. A nice, scholarly presentation of this diagnostic modality is found at http://www.itmonline.org/arts/pulse.htm. Can we combine ancient oriental diagnostic methods, like oriental pulse diagnosis, with modern western scientific testing? Of course! How many times do you find a person complaining of medical issues – when a hospital staff has performed every test known to man – yet haven’t discovered the root cause? Can pulse diagnosis offer a complimentary method of diagnosing illness? Remember when western physicians and researchers were studying acupuncture? Acupuncturists, if they are properly training, can do wonders with issues like pain. So let me pose these questions.

  1. Can we blend modern Allopathic with other medical systems?
  2. Can more research be done on ancient medical systems?

Let’s wait and see, what the future holds.

Randy Kemp