What to Consider Before Switching to VoIP


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When you plan to develop in-house communication system, the aim must be to add systems and techniques into an existing system. You cannot implement a totally alien technology in real time basis as it requires study and time to learn the features. The process of implementation and bringing in changes in continuous and it applies to the procedure when you decide to switch the communication system to the latest VoIP technology. It is cheap. It is highly compatible. It is easy to manage. Moreover, the system is nothing but an evolved version of the traditional phone communication technology with extra features and a wide range of call management functionalities. VoIP phones are fast, easy operation, easy call management feature and economical. Let’s take a look on the things like what you require to implement this technology and what are the limitations.



VoIP requires least maintenance and infrastructure. You just need a high bandwidth data connection to set up VoIP system properly. That’s it, install the device and start calling! Since disasters and tragedies occur during the most unanticipated period, it is very much expected that your friends and families may not be there when these emergencies happen. But, the best thing is that, there are emergency communication procedures that do not involve electricity like the radios that has the ability to operate on fixed rechargeable batteries. One more good news is about the availability of communication equipment as well as radios which has the power of solar charging capabilities.
There are situations where the offices and workers can be very far apart. Hence, assembling everyone in a single room for seminars and conferences has become absolutely difficult for many companies. Hence, teleconferencing,which is defined asthe actual interchange of information between people who are not together physically, has turned out to be a big industry. With the help of this method, the big companies can now easily conduct conferences, training, seminar and meetings via telephone or online. The conference calls also join people with the assistance of a conference bridge, which is a server and can behave like a telephone.


With the development of telephone devices, the world has now become a small place. Now-a -days, it is also possible to look at the person with whom you are talking, with the help of phones which support 3G or even 4GLTE. Voice calls through data network is highly secured due to 256bit encryption feature. This makes your conversation private and confidential. In the business sector, the use of cellular and landline phones becomes very significant. This is where the use of a conference phone becomes essential. These devices simplify the communications both locally as well as globally. Now, a person can join a conference call despite the fact that he or she is very far away. The quality of sound is too good, and it also minimizes the travel costs.

Service Limitations

Limitations in coverage area still lies with the VoIP technology. If the area you live in is not covered by a high speed data network, then you will not able to call using a VoIP phone. VoIP technology requires a high bandwidth network like 3G network. If your area only has 2G network, you will face performance issues in the voice calls. The calls will lag and you will get unclear sound. You can fix this issue by going for a higher bandwidth connection. It requires a little higher cost but it is worth paying for. You can also setup a wireless VoIP network in your office by using your existing WiFi network. You must use the network barring feature in order to secure your in-house communication system.


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Top 7 reasons to buy an electric car

Top 7 reasons to buy an

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English: Google Electric Car Seciurity 2008 (Viaje con SafeCreative a San Francisco al Creative Commons Technology Summit en GooglePlex) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

electric car

Almost everybody knows that an electric vehicle is much cleaner than a vehicle that uses gas; not only is it better for the environment, it can save you some a lot of money too. However, many people are dissuaded from investing in an electric car when it’s much better to buy a new electric car now than to invest in a used non-electric car. Here are the top 7 reasons to buy an electric car:

Electric cars have a far lower cost per mile

Electricity to refuel an electric car is far cheaper than gasoline and there are electric vehicle charging stations providing power free of charge. The sooner you sell your gasoline guzzling car, the sooner you’ll save the planet and have more money in your wallet.

Electric cars are eco-friendly and get cleaner as time goes on

If you want to do your bit for the planet, switching to an electric car will help. As coal and other fossil fuel plants used to produce electricity are replaced with cleaner resources, the vehicle will actually get cleaner as time goes on.

The price of gasoline can’t be predicted

The price of gas is constantly going up and down and has been predicted to stay that way for the next 3 decades. Electricity prices remain fairly consistent, rising slightly each year making budgeting for your vehicle much easier. Your electric vehicle is also unlikely to be affected by gasoline shortages and other similar events.

There are government incentives to buy

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English: A Tesla Roadster, Reva i and Ford Th!nk electric cars parked at a free parking and charging station near Akershus fortress in Oslo, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These daysthe government offers many cash incentives to urge you to buy an electric vehicle. Sometimes you can also get money off your insurance policy and you can get money back on some electric cars. These incentives won’t be around for ever and you can capitalize on them by investing in an electric vehicle early.
They’re great for all occasions

Even if you need to take longer trips than the range of your fully charged electric car, a plug in hybrid is an electric car that has no limits at all. They have batteries in them that were made for longer trips, but they can also be transformed into a gasoline hybrid if you need to take a longer trip. Perfect for every occasion!

You can charge it from home

Although there are charge points you can top up your car from, there’s no need for you to drive anywhere to charge your car – you can do it right from the comfort of your own home.

Maintenance is simple

In an electric car, you’ll find far fewer moving parts than in a car that takes gas, plus there’s nothing combustible in it. Pair this with the fact that you can charge it from home and you’ll find that an electric car is the perfect choice for your next vehicle.

By now you should be convinced that an electric car is the way forward. When you buy your next vehicle, consider switching from gasoline to a modern electric car. Make the swap and do your bit for the environment.


This article was written by Bradley Taylor, a freelance writer from Derby, UK. Bradley is a motoring enthusiast who loves writing about cars and everything automotive but he is versatile and writes across a variety of other topics. More about Bradley at Bradley on Google+.


Parenting In The Social Media Age: How To Keep Your Child Safe

Parenting has changed drastically in the past decade. Instead of dinner bells ringing children home, they now have cell phones. Social media has become an obsession and a favorite past time. With the changes in technology, changes in parenting become necessary.

Second Edition, 2010

Second Edition, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can keep your child safe in the social media age with a few tips to help you stay up to speed with today’s technology and your child’s plugged-in world.

Learn the Technology

First and foremost, for parents to be able to help, it is important that they understand how technology works and accept that technology is a big part of young people’s lives, says Silje Vallestad, CEO and founder of Bipper, a mobile safety app company. As cyber bullying situations continue to increase, parents must know how to operate and monitor apps, social media networks and various technology to ensure that their children are acting appropriately and that they are treated respectfully in what is a 24/7 public environment.

“For kids today, being stripped of their access to the social communities and technology in general is considered so bad that they won’t ask for help or tell parents about negative experiences,” says Vallestad. “Parents need to understand that there is a difference between the digital childhood of kids today and their own upbringing, and that access to technology is as important as access to paper and pens.”

Although social media is extremely important to your child, it doesn’t mean they should have full reign of the technology. “Parents should never grant kids access to technology without guiding them in the world of technology and to be able to guide their kids, they need to understand technology and online services,” says Vallestad. “I believe in parents spending time educating themselves, combined with frequent conversations between parent and child about the use of technology in general and use of specific services in particular.”

Use Technology to Bond with Your Child

Monitoring your child’s social media use does not have to be a negative experience, wherein you are acting the part of a spy. Use technology as an opportunity to learn something new from your children and brush up on your own skills. Vallestad, the mother of three kids all using technology, says she uses mobile app alerts that provide information on which social media applications her children are downloading.

“When I see that they have installed apps I either don’t know much about or that I’m worried about (such as SnapChat or Instagram), I make a point of having a good conversation about these services,” she says. “They teach me a lot about technology and the services while we talk about how things can be used for good or bad.”

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...

English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These conversations can help to create trust between a parent and a child and allow opportunities to talk about how technology can be used to harm others and how to react in those situations. “With our frequent talks on tech, where I show that I’m both interested and involved in their digital lives and also allow them to use technology, I believe we have fostered an atmosphere where they will feel safe to tell me if something bad is happening,” says Vallestad.

Have a Plan of Action

As you are learning the technology, it’s important to remember the top three actions to take when your child is engaged in social media, according to Vallestad.

Technology is Important to Your Child: Understand that your kids need to use technology and be part of the online communities where their peers are. It’s part of their lives and if you remove it, you will probably create a growing gap between you and your child instead of fostering an atmosphere of dialogue.

Open Conversations are Necessary: Engage in open and trusting conversations with your kids about technology. Let them tell you, show you and teach you. Reacting with anger or shock to things you might see could result in your kids closing down conversations. Try to stay calm and ask questions. Together, you can agree on rules. Sometimes you both may come to the conclusion that a particular service is not ok. Other times, it is ok but you may require that you will be a friend or follower.

Research is Key: Do your own research on services and use that research to ask your kids the right questions. However, don’t automatically assume that your kids are using a questionable service in a wrong way simply because there is a lot of information online about that service being used negatively. Do keep an open eye and make sure you are neither naive nor ignorant about social media.


This article was republished with permission from my friends at Kenny Myers.


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