A Frank Discussion on The US Healthcare Plan

The problem comes in, that we are conditioned to seeing only one answer. And that’s what the insurance companies, medical doctors, pharmaceutical companies and government representatives (i.e. both Republican and Democrat)…want us to buy into. That:

Modern medicine is the ONLY way.

Well, it is in:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Terminal illnesses (in conjunction with prayer and spiritual healing)
  • Surgical intervention
  • Medical testing to find the pathology

And how did people get healed, before modern medicine came along? Well, they have 2 traditions…that are thousands of years old. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine. And they have another tradition called homeopathy.

And these traditions come with minimal sides effects. And don’t cost an arm and a leg, in terms of pharmaceutical drugs. And they don’t invent new ones – every year.

And there is something called spiritual healing. Which is well established and thousands of years old…in the Native American spiritual and medicine traditions. Or the Chinese equivalent of Qi Gong.

People go to these things – because they work. Or traditional medicine, has given up on them. Told them things, like they have a few months to live, etc. And the traditional doctors… will attribute any cure… to the placebo effect, statistical anomaly, etc.

Meanwhile, the Republicans will craft a bill And will try to tell us, it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And the World Health Organization, will probably continue to rate the US…in the mid-thirties – quality wise.

And I will probably spend the winters…in Central American or parts of Europe – like Spain. Since i know the popular European languages…and the languages of Latin America. And if I do need traditional medicine, I would get quality care…at a fraction of the drug and physician cost.

Or perhaps learn Japanese – alongside Mandarin. And teach English over in Japan. And get into their health system, for around $350 a year. Anyone with a long term visa – can do so.

Try an experiment. Go to the US government STEP program at STEP. Type in a country to visit, under the link country information – towards the bottom. Then after it comes up, click on the health tab. Let’s take Chile, for example. See what they have to say – in part:

Santiago has two main private hospitals that are accredited by The American Hospital Association and meet U.S. standards: Clinica Alemana and Clinica Las Condes. Both have international patient departments and experience with some international insurance companies.

It”s like modern marketing and advertising. They say these brand name vitamins, canned fruits, cereals, etc. – are the best. Even though it is a fact, they often come off – the same assemble line…as the store brands or generics.

Or folks try to tell you, that OEM (i.e. original equipment manufactures), make the best vehicle parts. But after market parts, can be just as good – or better. And much cheaper.

Reminds me of attending the ELCA Lutheran church service this week – within walking distance. I noticed the Islamic center next store was packed. So I stopped a couple of black Muslims and inquired what was going on. They told me that Ramadan had ended and they were breaking the fast. Well, I realized something. These Muslims were from Africa. And I also met Muslims, from the Middle East. Those from the Middle East, I always experienced as rude to outsiders. And those from Africa, were warm and friendly to outsiders. Both under the same religious umbrella. But belonging to different cultures. The African Muslims shook my hand and thanked me for asking.

It’s kind of like my Christian faith. It comes with the base, of a liturgical tradition (i.e. Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran or Anglican). But I add to it Franciscan contemplation (i.e. Richard Rohr), via Buddhist meditation methods (i.e. mindfulness and Zen). A love of Native American, spiritual and healing traditions. And throw in some health and prosperity thinking – with Joel Osteen. And visiting saints from the East. Like I did with Amma, at here nearby Illinois center at Amma.

See, here’s what’s missing folks. Take the Center for Contemplation and Action with Richard Rohr. We emphasize the action part (i.e. Christian charity, good works, etc). But we are missing the contemplation part. The two go together.  And if we throw in TV evangelist Joel Osteen, we add the third leg. Which is to expect, good things from God.

Here is a recent Quora discussion:
How is the Republican health care plan in any way better than “Obamacare”?

Oh, yes. The Republican bill. I just got this email – from my AARP membership:

AARP opposes the proposed health care bill because it would mean higher costs and less care for older Americans. It would:

    Allow insurance companies to charge older Americans five times more for coverage than everyone else and reducing the tax credits that help them afford their coverage.
    Cut Medicaid for around 15 million people, stripping away coverage from millions of Americans and leaving millions of seniors at risk of not getting the care they need.
    Cut funding for Medicare, leaving the door open to benefit cuts and Medicare vouchers.
    Providing tens of billions in tax breaks for drug and insurance companies.

We need you to join us in sharing this information on social media and helping drive calls to the Senate. Now that everyone has seen the Senate Leadership’s secret bill it’s being criticized by the Senators they need to pass it. The Senate leadership is cutting backroom deals to try and win votes. We need your help making sure your Senator’s vote no!

Together we can hold them accountable for their votes. Use your influence on Twitter and Facebook to urge your friends and family to join us in taking action today!

Oh, yes. I do have a sizable following – on Twitter and Facebook. And I did post – the AARP propaganda.

And I continue with my Medicare advantage plan. And all is well and good for me.

And here is an interesting article, in my email today. From the Dark Web News:

Access to Calls, Texts, and Location Being Offered on the Dark Web

steve wrote:Also hundreds of essential oils have been used for thousands of years because they work!

Just a bit of footnotes – to Steve’s comment. The technical name is aromatherapy. There’s a description of it on Wiki at Wiki on aromatherapy.

Web MD also covers the topic at Web MD on aromatherapy..

One name for modern pharmaceuticals is allopathy. I remember when I was anemic. And I had blood tests, conducted by the primary care physician. The nurse called and said I needed a prescription for iron. I asked why I needed “a prescription”, when they sell Iron supplements – over the counter. Well, they really couldn’t answer it. Except I know the prescription would cost more. And the brand name, over the counter version – would cost more than the store brand. Which. at the Jewel Osco pharmacy is Signature Care.

And when my mom was in a comma…making her transition…Guess what? They prescribed morphine, as a pain reliever. Which is over 100 years old. What happened to all the “superior”, brand name and generic…modern day pain relievers?

Sometimes you can blend allopathy, with Ayurveda, TCM or homeopathy.

Here are 2 examples.

  • Colgate has a mouth wash called Crest Pro Health. But the Dollar General store brand, is called 2X/Day. And it costs much less. And Pepsodent still makes a US based toothpaste, at a fraction of the name brands. I get this at the Dollar tree. But I mix this toothpaste, with an Ayurveda one. Either a Patanjali or Auromere one. Which is available at either Amazon or local Indian grocery stores. The Ayurveda is good for the gums. Which helps prevent gum disease.
  • Or suppose I get a cut. I wash it, apply rubbing alcohol and bandage it. But after the cut has sealed, I apply a homeopathic solution of Calendula Homeopathic ointment, to speed up the healing. It’s available at most US, health food stores.

For modern medicine to come along and say everything before it was useless…is like the Protestant churches to say God revealed the truth, in the reformation. And the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, are part of the dark ages.
And I don’t often get on a soap box. But I did today. :!:

And I will end with some health related, article links – a friend sent to me. And a good YouTube video, telling the story of homeopathy.

Regardless of what the Republicans come up with.



US Doctor Salaries and Expat Health Care


Traditional Chinese medicine shop in Tsim Sha ...

Traditional Chinese medicine shop in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As someone mentioned in another country forum: “Go on numbeo.com and just like WAZE it requests interactivity to ensure timely stats on all places – updated regularly. BEST site I know of use it all the time.” I use it all the time. For instance – what is the living costs compared between the capital of Uruguay and capital of Panama.


Here’s How Much Money Doctors Actually Make  Now you know that US medical doctors make. Where we are in the upper 30’s by the World Health Organization ratings, is a good motivator for overseas retirement.

In Mexico, one can gain access to the public health care system. They are IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social or Mexican Social Security Institute and cost only 300 per year. Many retires have this and private health care, at a fraction of US costs. And if one also has Medicare, one can go to California for treatment. But that’s the rare case that a qualify Mexican hospital couldn’t treat something.

And in Uruguay in South America, I found these interesting titbits:

In Ecuador, they have a state of the art radiation facility. And they actually make house calls outside the US.

Of course, the best health care is offered by these aliens:

Then there is the issue of finding alternative health care. I tried to find out about homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Latin American. Nothing came up much when I searched for “homeopathy”, along with the country name. But when I entered Spanish terms, like “homeopatia” or “Farmacia”, along with the country name – it produced results. But words are weird. The world “mala” means bad in Spanish, but it means “suitcase” in Portuguese. I’m not sure the history of that.

Then there are taxes

Most folks don’t realize that many countries tax on all worldwide income. Or they might want you to contribute a percentage to their medical system. This is common in countries like France or Italy. Granted, they are rated number one and two respectively, by the World Health Organization. But you have to contribute seven and one half percent of your income to it. I did find two countries that don’t tax you on world wide income: Panama and Uruguay.

So if you don’t want to pay double taxes – do your homework. Sure, but Panama and Uruguay requires you learn Spanish. But what non-English speaking country doesn’t have a language requirement. And study the books. I’m now reading the second volume entitled The Gringo Guide to Panama II, More to Know Before You GO by Elizabeth Vance.



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NDE books and an ICU unit

Brain Infographic

I thought I would first share this interesting interactive brain infographic. It’s Your Brain Map: 84 Strategies for Accelerated Learning

NDE and Resuscitation Science books

Cover of

Cover of Spiritual Healing

My mom passed away on October 4, 2013. I called 911 the morning on September 24, 2013, after she was unresponsive on the toilet. She had bouts of diarrhea all night. She was given CPR and revived after 15 minutes. She spent time at Central Dupage Hospital. Later we took her off life support, after meeting with the key physician, nurse, hospital Chaplin, along with my cousin and her husband. Before then, I got input from Protestant, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox clergy. She passed away at Manor Care in Naperville, Illinois. At both places, I insisted hospital chaplains and visiting Christian clergy stop by to say prayers.

The following books were recommended and got me thought this ordeal:

  • Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander
  • Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing by Anita Moorjani
  • To Heaven and Back: A Doctor’s Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story… by Mary C. Neal M.D.
  • Erasing Death: The Science That Is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death by Sam Parnia and Josh Young

This statement came from the book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander. I got all four books from the Carol Stream Public Library. Its says, “Even a person whose heart stops on the street might be spared brain damage, provided that someone starts performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation within four minutes and the heart can eventually be restarted (P. 134).”

What that means is this: Even if I could detect when my mom’s heart stopped, I would need to be trained in CPR and immediately initiated it. I would at the same time, need to have called 911. Or 911 needed to arrive within 4 minutes and perform CPR. Both are impossible situations. Or I would need a holy person or saint, staying with me at the time.

Tradition Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Spiritual Healing and Prayer

Traditional Chinese medicine shop in Tsim Sha ...

Traditional Chinese medicine shop in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do believe traditional medicine has its place, both for diagnostic purposes and emergency medicine. But I also feel that the ancient herbal traditions of Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Unani (i.e. Islamic/Greek), as well as classical homeopathic medicine and cell salts, can do wonders for health maintenance. But if you don’t have specific symptomatology being displayed, it is almost impossible to prescribe the correct remedy. There are three way of diagnosing disease:

  • Having medicine doctors run standard batteries of medical tests.
  • Consult someone trained in oriental pulse diagnosis.
  • Consult a good medical intuitive.

I firmly believe a complete and accurate diagnosis is only possible, it you take all three options. I also feel the the diagnostic approaches of the classical homeopath, TCM and Tibetan doctors, are sound – provided they are trained for many years in their craft. I would always look at adding oriental pulse diagnosis and medical intuitives, if medical tests and the medical expert opinions, are inclusive.

Spiritual healing and prayer also has a place. But it is working alongside traditional and complementary medical approaches.

Carol Stream Police Department

And I wonder about the Carol Stream Police Department. Are they trained in responding to medical emergencies? Do they know the difference between a natural emergency and a murder scene?

A few months ago, my friend John lived on the same floor as my mom and me. He used to meet each Wednesday with Roger and me via Skype, to discuss technical stuff. When he didn’t show up for a meeting or reached via phone, I contacted the condo association.  They contacted his sister, who is a nurse. Not sure if she found him first or not. But she called the simulation in. I counted four squad cars responding to the emergency, along with the fire department and ambulance. John was found lying over the tub. An autopsy was conducted and the cause of death was a heart attack. I was invited and attended his Catholic remembrance service.

When I called in my mom’s situation, a policeman stopped up first. I showed him my mom on the toilet. It probably took a minute, before emergency responders came up. When an emergency responder asked what medications she took, I responded over the counter aspirin and sleeping pills. The only thing the policeman asked is to see the medications. I promptly showed him, but the emergency responders didn’t need to see them.

Now I invite them to do something useful.  I plan to look into free CPR classes – let them join me.  According to Erasing Death: The Science That Is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death by Sam Parnia and Josh Young, here are the best three sources for info:



Aids in the fight against cancer

Aids in the fight against cancer

Traditional Chinese medicine shop in Tsim Sha ...

Traditional Chinese medicine shop in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came across a couple of friends recently, who have cancer. The problem I have is that doctors might say things like ,“you have six months to live” or ,“this disease is incurable”. Technically, this information is incorrect. It’s better to say things like, “according to current medical science as we know it, we don’t have any approaches to cure this disease.” Or say something like, “according to what we know in current medical science and similar cases like yours, the average life expectancy is six months.”

Recently, I came across an article entitled Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine: Alternative Therapies for Treatment of Leukemia at Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine: Alternative Therapies for Treatment of Leukemia What’s nice about the article is it gives a good overview of Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine (i.e. TCM) therapy. Both are interesting therapies that incorporate nutritional and herbal therapeutic approaches.

Here is where the article states its own purpose: “This article seeks to highlight the important concepts of these two alternative healing therapies in the treatment of cancer, while simultaneously providing evidence for their success in treating leukemia and the necessary induction of these methods into contemporary Western medicine.”

But the most important takeaway from the article is this: “ TIM and TCM have been found to be extremely successful in conjunction with contemporary, allopathic measures for treating cancer, such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and invasive surgical techniques.”

Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof - Ayurveda Shop

Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof – Ayurveda Shop (Photo credit: marketing deluxe)

Both ancient and modern medical approaches can co-exist and work together. Let’s take Ayurvedic toothpaste, for example. A normally use a product from a company called Auromere. Vicco is another Indian company making Ayurvedic toothpaste. Ayurvedic toothpaste is good for gums. It’s the gums and gum disease that causes folks to lose teeth. Now I used to travel to an Indian grocer to buy Vicco. The owner said I should use Crest toothpaste instead. I told him I used Crest or a Crest competitor. The toothpaste is good for preventing tooth decay and reducing tarter. But after I used the US toothpaste, I followed it up with Vicco to reduce gum disease. Now I used Auyomere instead.

Folks can also look at spiritual approaches, like prayer, spiritual healing, etc. But these approaches should be supplemental to traditional medical treatment. Cancer is a frightening disease. I really emphasize with my two friends and hope the cancer is in the early stages – at least. I see many commercials for hospitals like Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I don’t think they respond better than other US hospitals. But only studies will bring out the truth.

Since Ayurveda and TCM offer both nutritional and herbal approaches to treatment, they should be seriously considered as supplements to traditional medical treatment for cancer. And TCM does add acupuncture to the mix.


Does Ted dot com generate good ideas or is it WFMT hype?

Ted.com mentioned on

Chris Anderson is the curator of the TED (Tech...

Image via Wikipedia


It started out listening to a WFMT radio show. I was driving and listening to this musician. He talked about some world travels to do music. The springboard was this website called Ted.

So I asked my self this question: What is Ted.com all about?

The easiest way to find out is to join for free. But I had to answer some interesting questions:

  • I’m passionate about
  • People don’t know that I’m good at
  • An idea worth spreading
  • Talk to me about
  • My TED story

The idea of a platform for ideas intrigued me. Here’s what they say about themselves:

“TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader.”

Not as easy as it seems

I don’t know about you but I’m having difficulty. I can’t think of an idea worth spreading and I can’t come up with a Ted story. Perhaps I can get some clues from ideas I discussed with folks on email.

Let’s see now….

I was commenting on a complicated psychiatric case history with a friend. The case used many medications, over a course of several years – with no significant results:

Traditional Chinese medicine shop in Tsim Sha ...

Image via Wikipedia

“I read XXX’s story and it was very interesting. But I also think traditional medicine made it worse, from all the drug side effects and interactions. It would have been better if she had a classical homeopath work with her from the beginning. Or an ancient herbal approach that uses a vital approach, such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Urani or Tibetan Medicine. Or even a Bach Flower remedy practitioner. Perhaps even a good course of therapy like Cognitive Behavioral. From my perspective, traditional medicine is best for emergencies (i.e. heart attack, terminal cancer,etc.) and their testing ways (i.e. blood work, X-rays, etc.). “

Why did the musician write on his Ted profile?

This I like to know. I decided to call WFMT and see if I can track down the show, musician, etc. The operator connected me to someone from their program department. They thought it was a question for George Preston and connected me to his voice-mail. I left a message what I wanted on Friday, October 21, 2011. I’m still waiting a reply. Since I’m not a big time contributor, it might take a few days.  I also filled out their contact form. When I get the info, I will visit the musician’s profile for ideas.

What else could I talk about on Ted?

I could talk about social media. After all, I’ve been active on it since the beginning of 2008. I can speak things like Twitter Latin and LinkedIn Swahili very well, while I only have run of the mill familiarity with Facebook Chinese.

Or perhaps I can get some ideas from The Onion (Onion ), which I get from weekly from the local comic book store.  Let me scan some of this weeks headlines:

Marx Brothers by Yousuf Karsh, 1948

Image via Wikipedia

  • “Federal government to reduce Madoff’s sentence if he can infiltrate U.S. economy in 48 hours and turn it around.”
  • “New decoy website launched to lure away all moronic internet commentators.”
  • “Nation waiting for protesters to clearly articulate demands before ignoring them.”

Perhaps I can talk about literature or direct response marketing.

Maybe it can be something heavy like comic books or old-time comedy like the Three Stooges, Marx BrothersLaurel and Hardy or W.C. Fields.

Ted anyone?


A group that scientifically validates spiritual healing?

Is spiritual healing a last resort

Is spiritual healing a last resort? Most of the time, I find people coming to this healing modality after all conventional approaches are ineffective. The doctors say there is no hope. The tests all say the disease is terminal.

Any interesting spiritual approach

Recently I came across an interesting historical spiritual healer in Germany. His name is Bruno Groening. You can find out more about him on Wiki at Wiki on Bruno Groening and their official website at Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. Some other historical spiritual healers are found at Bruno Groening and other historical spiritual healers.

Traditional Chinese medicine shop in Tsim Sha ...

Image via Wikipedia

There is a group in Chicago called the circle of friends and I recently made contact with them. If you have read my blog, you know I am a big fan of having traditional medicine, alternative/complimentary medicine and spiritual healing/prayer all work together. I’m also well versed in traditional homeopathic medicine.

What I like about them

I first learned about this group from Ron Roth’s organization at Ron Roth.  There are some things I do like about the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends group:

  • They don’t ask you to change your religion. This is something I would really need to do, should I want to get deep into something like Christian Science and join their group.
  • They urge you to still use traditional and/or alternative medical help. This means I can see conventional doctors, along with conventional medicine and surgery. Or I can use alternative approaches like TCM or homeopathy. This is used at the same time I use their system.
  • They do have doctors study the healing done.
  • There is no charge for the healing aid.

The scientific study of their healing

The only other group I know of that scientifically studies spiritual healing cases is the Roman Catholic Church. The depth of the Roman Catholic validation of healing done at sites like Our Lady of Fatima is mind-boggling. From what I learned from the Circle of Friends, most of their case validating is done by German physicians.

Eastern Christian Cross

Image via Wikipedia

A Christian theological compatibility

They also claim to tap into a healing stream. This could also be in harmony with Eastern Orthodox theology, where they distinguish between the essence and energies of God. If they attribute this healing stream to God, then it would be similar to the Eastern Orthodox understanding of energies.

Other healing groups

It does raise an interesting question on Bruno Groening. Do other spiritual groups heal by tapping into the healing stream or do we recognize other means of spiritual healing? If we explore deeply, we can say that the following can do healing that seem miraculous:

  • Christian Science (i.e. Mary Baker Eddie) and Infinite Way (i.e. Joe Goldsmith) practitioners (I do listen to the Joel Goldsmith taped lectures via the Chicago group).
  • Native American ceremonies (I have been a guest in Lakota and Ute ceremonies)
  • Chinese Qi Gong masters
  • spiritualists like Harry Edwards
  • Pentecostal services (I’ve been on the receiving end a few times.  It was a former Chicago area, Roman Catholic priest with the gift of healing)
  • shamans
  • saints of the Christian (i.e. Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic), Islāmic (i.e. Sufi) and Yoga traditions

Would we conclude that the approach of Bruno is the most effective and easiest way to spiritual healing, for average folks like me? Or do all the various approaches somehow tap into the healing stream?

We could also extend that question to any medical system that basis their system on some energy modality.  Can we say that systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine , homeopathy or Ayurveda, tap into this healing stream?

Chicago area talk

They are having a free talk on October 14, 2011 – 7:00 pm, presented by an Austrian medical doctor.. The talk will be at the Courtyard by Marriott O’Hare in Des Plaines, IL. All USA and world lectures can be found on this website link at Bruno Groening USA MD lecture schedule.


Should We Listen to The Experts?

The Experts

Well, experts do have some validity. GREED is a big problem in the current economic meltdown, and all the religious founders attempted to address it.  However, here is a general question I opened up in Linkedin:

“Here’s the problem I have. I turn on a discussion on public television, with some ivory league professors, discussing the global meltdown. The University of Chicago professor might have a major disagreement with the professor from Harvard. Alan Greenspan a couple days ago, said there was a loophole in his model. The Democrats and Republicans are still fighting along traditional party lines, on what to do. So how do we fix the mess – and why – as it effects the whole world?”

I do like listening to the experts, but then I make up my own mind. I watch BBC on public TV, and they do have many subject matter experts they interview. I enjoy this, but know the experts don’t have all the answers.

A Medical Example

Let’s take medicine, for example:

  1.  Traditional medicine has a mechanical view.
  2.  Alternative medicine has a vitalism view (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitalism – I include many modalities there, like Reiki, acupuncture, TCM, Ayurveda, etc.)
  3. Then there is the spiritual healing view. This could include Sufi healing, Christian Science, Pentecostalism, faith healing, Native American ceremony, etc.

The problem is each group sees with a partial lenses, and they might not have access to all the variables. If a person were dying of cancer, they might approach a Native American medicine man/woman, have chemotherapy and radiation, and have access to Traditional Chinese Medicine (to neutralize the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy).

Medical Experts

Let’s get back to the question on experts. Let’s take something as simple as pulse diagnosis in medicine (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulse_diagnosis ). It takes years to master the oriental art, but it is highly effective, in pinpointing problem areas. Ideally you would have someone available to perform pulse diagnosis, and someone to run traditional medical tests. Then have a panel to look at both results, to determine root cause.

Let’s discuss this a bit further. Some groups look at disease as entirely mental. This would be folks’ like Christian Scientists or Hawaiian shamans called Huna practitioners. However, I have personally known Christian Science healers and someone quite effective with the Huna approach to healing.

Personal Experience

  • I personally know a case where a boy broke an arm – the doctor repaired it – but this Huna healer worked on it after it was in a cast. The next day, the boy’s parents took him back to the doctor, and another X-ray was taken. The arm was completely healed.

What Science Says

  •  Normal medical science says it takes six weeks for a broken bone to mend – not one day. And in Christian Science, they do have cases of “mental surgery.”


It gets a bit more complicated, in that I have a considerable amount of expertise in homeopathic medicine. This has taken several years to accomplish. However, I can’t explain why certain remedies work. But I do know that if I give the wrong remedy – it won’t work. But if I give the right one – it works. In many cases, no molecule of the original substance exists in a remedy. Let’s look at a chemist having the same difficulty, at http://www.homeowatch.org/articles/schwarcz.html

“I have a problem with homeopathy. To accept its principles, I must cast aside the understanding of chemistry that I have developed over 30 years. Therapy based on nonexistent molecules just does not fit the model.”

Which Expert Would You Choose?

When I was a part-time academic bum, at the College of Dupage, I had courses with two very gifted Protestant professors.  Whom would you say is better suited to defend the Christian faith?

  1. A Baptist minister, with a doctorate in historical theology, from a Catholic university?
  2. A seminary graduate working on a PhD in philosophy (assume they completed the degree) ?

Medical science is a different matter.  Luke was a New Testament physician, but hung around miracle wonder workers – yet never renounced being a doctor.  There are things that exist – unknown variables – but “just does not fit the model.”  Luke can attest to that, if we believe his accounts.

What Economic Meltdown View Should We Take?

  1. Is it the view found in the “Left Behind Series” of books (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Regime)?
  2. Or do the lines of an REM song reflect it?

“It’s the end of the world, as we know it and I feel fine.”

Hopefully, we follow the middle way of Aristotle and Buddha.

Randy Kemp